A new version of Salon Swift!

A new version of Salon Swift is released!

Salon Swift can now link to an ipad or other tablet and allows your clients to update their details into the system whilst you’re doing something more productive.

We hope you enjoy it!

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▪ You can now link Salon Swift to an iPad or other type of tablet. This allows your clients enter their details into the system whilst they are waiting. This allows you to build a strong database and takes the load from your staff.
See instructions on how to do this here.
▪ The “other” POS payment type allows dentists, doctors, massage and others who receive various payment types has been expanded. See this link for details. Dept of Veteran Affairs, Bitcoin, Hicaps, Government Vouchers and Medicare are available now.
▪ Can add client’s birthdays when adding an appointment.
▪ Can have a larger new client icon in calendar now if required. This is an option in Calendar Settings under System Config.
▪ Marketing Mailshot can now use middle names.
▪ Marketing Mailshot can now use Town names as well as postcodes.
▪ Series services can now be deselected at booking time if required.
▪ Overall Summary Report, Further Information section on the right now shows money added to accounts.


▪ Sending individual SMS messages in the conversation view now has an improved character and message count.
▪ After a rebook is complete you can just press ENTER all the way back to the POS screen to finalise sale. Much faster.
▪ Add new client screen input improvements for faster adding of clients.
▪ SPAM filter now correctly handles conversational SMS. You can again chat with your clients without the SPAM filter getting in the way.
▪ New client filter in mailshot have been expanded and now refers to a) clients when they’re added, b) clients who have had 1 transaction and c) clients who have had 1 appointment.
▪ Ordering of services in the mailshot tool is now improved and easier to read.
▪ New services default to a series value of 1. Much quicker when setting up series now.
▪ Picture logins and pictures at top of calendar now show full users name again.


▪ Recurring appointments now work correctly in all aspects of the software. Sorry for the earlier oversights!
▪ The Misc Item at POS has improved / fixed decimals.
▪ Flashing appointments with notes now fixed.
▪ Create appointment screen now has a fully functional alerts and referring client area.
▪ Grey flashing of appointments in calendar now resolved.
▪ At POS if cheque is the only “other” payment type then cheque is shown.

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