Automating Wages in Salon Swift

Ahhh, wages.  Each week working out who worked what hours, how much overtime, how much time in lieu. Did they have holidays?  What about sick pay?  Lots to think about. (and do!)

What if we spend a bit of time in advance and setup the wages properly in Salon Swift so that it’s all done lickity split each week for us?  Want to do that?  It’s worth it, so if you’re keen, jump into the tutorial below and let’s get setup.

Setting staff wages

First of all head to Menu – Admin – Employees – Add/Edit.

Now choose the staff member you wish to set the wages for.  In my example, I’ve chosen employee Roger Doorman.

Next, select to the Wages Tab.  From here, enter in the appropriate wages for each type of day.  Their Hourly Rate, Hourly Overtime Rate, Hourly Sick Rate and finally, Hourly Holiday Rate.

Be sure to pay attention to Saturday rates or other days that may incur changed wage rates.

entering staff wages

When done, press Save.  That’s step 1 done.

Setting up the staff Roster correctly

Now we need to make sure the staff roster matches what your employee is doing in real life.  Here is a quick image showing Roger’s weekly roster.


If required, make any changes to your employee’s roster.

Setting your Superannuation / National Insurance rate

We need to be sure your correct super/national insurance rate is set.

Choose Menu – Admin – System Configure.

Choose the Finance Tab.

Set your rate in this screen on the right and press Save.

Setting up the Calendar correctly

OK, Now the easy part.  For the wages report to work correctly, the calendar should match what the employee does in real life. If they’re on lunch, book a lunch break.  If they’re on holiday, book a holiday for them.  Did they start late today beucase they worked late last night?  (Time in lieu).  If so, that needs to be entered.  It’s all very simple and visual and is done using the tools you use daily when booking appointments.  Here’s an image of what Roger’s week looks like in Salon Swift to give an example.

calendar booked properly

Click image to see full size version

If you want help with the calendar be sure to watch the following videos:

Calendar Basics 1 Video

Calendar Basics 2 Video

Calendar Basics 3 Video


Wages reporting

Now the fun and easy part.  With one click your wages are ready to be entered into your wage software (Quickbooks, Xero, MYOB, etc).

Choose Menu – Report – Staff Reports – Wage (Detailed)

First of all, on the options on the right, approve any overtime, sick or holiday pay.  If you don’t do this the employee won’t be paid for these.

Choose the date rage on the right of the screen to match the date range your after.  In my example, I’ve chosen “This Week”.

report options

And that’s it!  From now on, all you need to do each week is ensure the calendar reflects the week of the employee (be sure it’s their responsibility for it to reflect accurately their week).  Once confirmed, view the report and enter the data into your wages software.  Very quick and painless.

wages report

Any comments or questions please contact us via

Monitoring team up selling to encourage growth

Do you monitor your team’s up sell rate?  Or, another way of putting it is “How much above their bookings did they earn?”.

Without knowing this simple yet key piece of information you’re not fully able to determine how motivated your team are at growing the business.

It’s pretty simple too, here’s how:

From the Menu, choose Reports – Staff Reports – Value Added / Upsell.

Salon Software menu


Now set your date range.  On the right hand side of the screen I’ve simply selected “This Week” and the date range automatically adjusts to show me this week’s figures.


Now you’ve set your date range, simply check out the report and see who’s doing the up selling and who needs some help and training.

In this example we can see Mathew has the best up sell rate at nearly 20% above his bookings.  Janelle is floundering at 5% with Roger sitting in the middle just above 10%.  This brings the business as a whole at 11% above the pre booked appointments.

What do you consider to be an acceptable minimum up sell rate?  Are you monitoring and keeping your team motivated?  Will that 11% be enough for your business for this week?  These are important questions and should be asked regularly and checked regularly.

Use this simple but focused report to keep the business growing above and beyond its booked capacity.

We hope you find this useful.  If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact us via

A new version of Salon Swift

We’ve been listening and working hard on this release for some time. As well as a host of little fixes and improvements we’ve also added the following:

(click the links below to read help on that topic)


▪ Ability to search for products in POS by typing the product name or part of the name.
▪ Ability to create multiple walk in clients for the one day that don’t need to group.
▪ Ability to email reports directly from within Salon Swift whilst viewing the report.
▪ You can now make General appointments recurring.
▪ SMS log can now be searched.
▪ SMS log now shows number of messages sent over a date range.
▪ Marketing filters added including: Valid phone number / email / address, First visit date, Point Range, Point Test, Point Expiry Check, Message history, Visit on a particular day.


▪ Tax can be added to or removed from memberships.
▪ Major update to the Overall Summary report making it easier to understand.
▪ You can have an appointment split in two now without requiring development time.
▪ Made the log a bit easier to understand in some situations.
▪ Re-designed create appointment screen to make it a more natural workflow. Client details are on the left, categories in the middle and services on the right.
▪ Can now remove a supplier from a product if you assign one but don’t want one assigned anymore.
▪ EOD Wizard can now handle changing date to a previous date. EG: If you forgot to cash up the day before and are doing it today for yesterday.
▪ Swift’s Message Inbox can now read multiple messages when clients reply with very long messages.
▪ More human / simpler to understand language is used when sending SMS to inform of number of clients VS number of messages. This will make it easier to know what you’re about to spend when sending SMS messages.
▪ Adjusted some important logic to the “Time for your Appointment” reminders.
▪ Product Master view has lots of small user improvements to make using it easier and faster when editing lots of products.
▪ Outstanding Gift Voucher report now has extra columns to make it more useful.
▪ Ability to delete read messages in the internal staff messaging system.


What if mine didn’t update?

Send an email to with your salon name and phone number and we’ll give you a call and ensure you get updated.


Anything else I should know?

Only to enjoy the new changes and additions and be sure to check them out.

Any feedback is of course welcome so please feel free to contact us via if you need to.

All the best and enjoy this latest release!

Rob and the Team at Salon Swift Pacific

Do you have terms and conditions on your marketing material?

Imagine you send out a thank you discount to a new client and they bring it in and want to use it on their child.  Should you let them?

What about an old client that has a thank you discount from 2 years ago and demands you honour it?

What about a client who has saved up old marketing materials and brings in a collection of marketing incentives all at the same time?  What if they want to redeem the incentive for cash?

What to do?

You need some simple terms and conditions attached to the bottom of all your email marketing.  It doesn’t need to be intimidating, and it doesn’t need to stand out in large font.  Just a simple set of clear terms on how your marketing incentives can and can’t be used.

What should they say?

Well, each business is different, but here are some examples that you may find helpful.

Example Terms & Conditions:

Use of this incentive is restricted by the following terms and conditions:  This incentive may only be used by the person it was issued to: (Client’s name).  It may not be used on or by another person or for use on another person. This incentive may not be used in conjunction with any other offer and will expire within 2 months of (date inserted here). This incentive may not be refunded, exchanged for cash or used against any other offers. If this incentive is lost or stolen a replacement cannot be issued. Choice of stylist/therapist may not be guaranteed when using this incentive, however we will endeavour to supply your preferred stylist/therapist. If you don’t turn up for your appointment without letting us know (no show) this incentive will then be invalid for any future visit. If you received multiple copies of this offer by accident, only one may be redeemed according to the above conditions.

As said, the above is just an example but it should give you plenty of ideas.  Simply make your terms and conditions, it should only take 5 minutes and place it at the bottom of each and every email that goes out and you’ll be covering yourself at least from the above examples.

Any feedback, just flick us an email to and let us know your thoughts.

Introduction to the Calendar training series

If you’ve been following our facebook updates you’ll know about our new training videos. If not, here’s some for you to watch.

Think you know how to use the calendar in Salon Swift? Check out our latest video tutorial series. 3 x 5 minute videos to help you master the calendar.

Part 1 – first steps:

  • Date Navigation
  • All / Individual staff views
  • Adding Appointments
  • Editing Appointments
  • Dragging Appointments to a different time / column
  • Resizing / Changing the length of an appointment

part 1

Part 2 – day to day skilled up:

  • Moving and Copying Appointments
  • Cancelling Appointments
  • Marking Appointment as a “No Show”
  • Marking a Client as Arrived
  • Marking an Appointment as Confirmed
  • Marking an Appointment as Booked
  • General Appointments, Lunch Breaks, Sick Breaks, Holidays, etc

part 2

Part 3 – all over it:

  • Quick Editing an Appointment
  • Preferred Employee – Appointment Notes
  • Taking Appointment to POS / Checkout
  • Shortcut Keys / Keyboard Shortcuts

Part 3

We hope you’re loving our new video lessons and if you have any suggestion or requests, just let us know!

Detailed Video Tutorial on Rebook Reminders

You’ve asked your client if they’d like to re-book.  They said they would, but they’ll call you later when they have a time they know is free.  They forget to call back and re-book because they’re busy.

This is where Salon Swift can lift your re-book rates and it will fully automate the process.

Spare a few minutes of your life to setup the automated rebook reminder system and reap the rewards.

Time for your appointment Reminder

Click the image or this link to watch the video