What can it do?

It can change everything!

It’s maybe a bit of a bold statement, but a good salon software system can change the way you run your business and that can greatly affect your life.

“I've experienced a lot of Salon Software packages. Salon Swift stood head and shoulders above the others and when I really did my research the decision was clear.

The features that others charge extra for are fully included in Salon Swift and I really love that there are no lock in contracts.

The support is amazing and I'm really happy I made the right choice.""Andre - Australia

Main Features

Salon Swift can do a LOT for you. Rather than list everything (it would be pages long) we’ll show you the day to day main features. Please feel free to contact us for specifics that may not be listed here.

The Calendar

Fast and simple, the Calendar is a joy to use. Quickly move appointments,choose custom colours, change views from day to week view, the list is endless and it’s so easy.

Client Management

All your interactions with your client at a glance. Technical notes, alerts, future and past appointments.

What products they recently purchased, who they last saw. It’s all there and it’s super fast.

Point of Sale

Throw out the calculator! Salon Swift’s POS handles credit cards, cash, gift vouchers, rewards, promotions and more.

Full support for barcode scanners, cash drawers and the simplest End of Day procedures on the market you’ll not be staying back late trying to cash up with Salon Swift.

Automated Marketing

Without a doubt the most flexible and powerful marketing system on the market.

Referral thank you messages, birthday messages, after care follow up, time for your appointment, before service notifications, newsletters, new client welcome packs, lost client vouchers. This just scratches the surface.

The best bit? It’s completely automated!


Really REALLY know what’s happening in your business.

Salon Swift collects information every time you use it. That information is then given back to you in a world of useful, informative reports From staff performance, calculating their commissions, keeping an eye on day to day growth trends, see which clients are not coming back, which employee is giving the most discounts and a world of other important facts.

Never be in the dark again. Instant info is now yours.

Other incredible tools

Security Be alerted if staff are snooping at too many client cards. Keep your data safe and you determine who can and can’t see different parts of the software.

Services Customise your services with pricing and time allocation that suits your business. This leads to super fast bookings and detailed reporting you can measure.

Stock Control Don’t let sales reps overload you any more and don’t let product sit on the shelf wasting valuable money. Automated stock tools take away the mystery and time required to deal with stock.

Loyalty and Rewards Reward loyal clients and keep them coming back. Automatic recording of details make your new rewards system a cinch,

Staff Management Easily see where they may be weak so you can help them grow. Set wages and flexible commissions. Super fast wages, calculated for you each pay cycle! Team or individual Target monitoring

Backups Your data is backed up automatically via three different methods to make sure you’re completely safe

Online Booking Simple to use online booking for your clients and the flexibility from your end to approve or cancel any bookings made. You’re in full control with Salon Swift’s incredible online booking tool.

and SO much more...